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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Here's How you Play

The following is a list of games that we play regularly on Grand Manan. Each game is special and has a lot of memories attatched to it. The authors for each game are listed below but a special thanks goes out to Tim Branscombe and Darren Croswell for helping to make a list of games like this a reality. This game list will continue to expand as our creativity does. The great thing about these games is most of them require few supplies and very little set up time. These are ideal for youth groups, parties and nursing homes excursions. Have fun and feel free to comment about the games you've played and how they have changed your life. WARNING!!!!!! Play these games at your own risk!! Some games listed below are not safe to be played by humans. So don't.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Game # 1 Knife Throw.

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: At least one long very sharp knife.

Rule # 1 All participants stand facing each other.
Rule # 2 The knife is thrown around the circle randomly to participants.
Rule # 3 Juggling and playing with the knife is encouraged.
Rule # 4 If you begin to bleed you are eliminated
Rule # 5 Last one not bleeding wins.

For more advanced players we have played with three knives simultaneously.
Warning this game is dangerous although I have played it over 100 times without serious injury. Not recommended for blind people.

Authors: Kirk Perry, Darren Croswell

Game # 2 Guess Where I'm Looking.

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: Dark Glasses (you can use your hand covering your eyes but this is a less effective way to play the game)

Rule # 1 One person puts the sunglasses on.
Rule # 2 This person then stares in any direction they like.
Rule # 3 The other people in the room then try to guess which direction the sunglass wearing person is looking.
Rule # 4 The glasses come off and the truth is revealed.

Authors: Tim Branscombe, Darren Croswell

Game # 3 Guess What I Just Ate?

Two Player Game

Items Needed. Food

Rule # 1 One person eats something.
Rule # 2 They then blow in the face of the other person as the other person is inhaling.
Rule # 3 The other person tries to guess what the person ate.
Rule # 4 If they are right they win if not repeat Rule # 2

Authors: Tim Branscombe, Darren Croswell

Game # 4 "Colon Blow" The Raisin Bran Eat Game

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: 1 Box of Raisin Bran for everyone playing. Large Bowls, spoons, milk.

Rule # 1 Each person playing must agree to finish the game no matter what!!!!!!!
Rule # 2 Each person takes their large bowl and dumps an entire box of Raisin Bran into it.
Rule # 3 When contestants are ready to start 1 liter of milk is dumped on their cereal and the race to finish begins.
Rule # 4 First one to completely empty their bowl wins. Anyone not finishing will be banned from this game forever.

Current Record Time: 13 minutes 27 seconds set by Kirk Perry (for the record I ate supper just before the game)

Banned from this Game: Tim Branscombe, Darren Croswell

Authors: Tim Branscombe, Darren Croswell

Game # 5 Steamroller.

Multiplayer Game (Kind of creepy to play with only two)

Rule # 1 All participants lie on their backs beside each other on the ground.
Rule # 2 The person on the end yells "Steamroller!" and begins to roll over the line of people.
Rule # 3 If the rolling person is face to face with the person on the other end they get a point.
Rule # 4 Keep going till everyone has had a chance to roll through, then reset and start again.

Warning!! This game is not recommended for futons.

Authors: Tim Branscombe

Game # 6 Quick Draw.

Three Player Game

Items Needed: rocks or batteries or elastics

Rule # 1 Two of the people stand around 15 feet apart, facing each other.
Rule # 2 Each one places a *rock in their pockets.
Rule # 3 When the two with the rocks in their pockets are ready the third person says "Draw"
Rule # 4 Each person then as quick as possible pulls the rock out of their pocket and throws it at the other person.
Rule # 5 First person to get hit loses.

* same game can and has been played with batteries and elastics.

Authors: Kirk Perry, Tim Branscombe

Game # 7 Who's Dumber?

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: A notepad, a pen

Rule # 1 Decide who is going to be playing.
Rule # 2 Begin recording the really dumb things you do.
Rule # 3 After a period of time decide who is dumber.


Tim - "We should bring some firewood with us in case we can't find any in the woods."
Darren - Leading out an 8 in cribbage. "24" (It was his first game)
Kirk - "Yes I trust you Laura I know you wouldn't want to hurt me"

Authors: Tim Branscombe, Darren Croswell

Game # 8 Guess What I'm Saying.

Two Player Game

Rule # 1 One person mouths a phrase. (making no sound)
Rule # 2 The second person tries to figure out what the first person was saying.

Authors: Darren Croswell, Tim Branscombe

Game # 9 Guess What Hug I've Given You?

Two Player Game

Rule # 1 Hug someone in a certain way.
Rule # 2 Person being hugged must determine what kind of hug they have been given.

Hugs may range from several sorts of friendly type hugs to several inappropriate hugs that we have also developed.

Authors: Darren Croswell, Tim Branscombe, Kirk Perry

Game # 10 Will this Hot thing Scald Me?

One Player Game

Items Needed: Hot things

Rule # 1 Find something that is hot.
Rule # 2 Decide whether or not you think the hot thing will scald you.
Rule # 3 Touch it.
Rule # 4 See if you were right.

This game comes with a warning it is possible to scald yourself in some circumstances.

Personal games played:

Hot Chocolate- did not scald
Burner on stove turned on for 30 seconds - did not scald
Camp fire holding hand in flames for a minute - scalded
Roman Candle striking your arm - scalded
hot grease from deep friar after cooking wings - scalded
putting out 10 candles in a row with fingers - not scalded

Author: Kirk Perry

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Game # 11 How Drunk Do I Look?

Two Player Game

Rule # 1 One person picks the other person up over their head.
Rule # 2 Spin in a circle for as long as possible or until somebody spews.
Rule # 3 Set the person down and try to move quickly around the room.

Authors: Kirk Perry, Tim Branscombe, Darren Croswell

Game # 12 Can I Read this List Without Smiling?

One Player Game

Items Needed: The list of all the games on this site.

This may seem like a simple game but there are a fair number of rules.

Rule # 1 You must be eligible to play this game. To be eligible you must have played at least 7 other games that are on this site.
Rule # 2 There has to be at least two other people with you when you read and they must have played at least 7 of the games themselves.
Rule # 3 This game is only allowed to be played a maximum of twice in one day by each person.
Rule # 4 When you have the game list in your hand you only have 60 seconds to compose yourself before starting. Failure to do so counts as one of your two turns for the day.
Rule # 5 The person with the list must read each one out loud at a normal speaking pace.
Rule # 6 If the person smiles or laughs they lose.

When the list was at 33 games Kirk Perry completed it once. No one as of yet has completed this longer list.

Authors: Kirk Perry, Tim Branscombe, Darren Croswell

Game # 13 Crushed Nuts. Who Knew?

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: Various kinds of Peanut Butter.

Rule # 1 Blindfold the taster.
Rule # 2 Put various kind of peanut Butter on a spoon and see if they can tell the difference.

We fooled Darren pretty good one night by picking the chunks out of the chunky peanut butter.

Authors:Kirk Perry, Darren Croswell, Tim Branscombe.

Game # 14 Darren's Island Lasses

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: Darren Croswell

Rule # 1 Try to determine what two Women from Grand Manan that Darren has the closest relationship with.

This game is a lot harder than it sounds. We found that this changed from week to week and varied in ages from 12 to 55.
(editors note Darren was not actually in a relationship with any of these lasses.)

Authors: Darren Croswell, Kirk Perry

Game # 15 The Useless People Games

3 Two Player Games.

Each of these games is demonstrated on www.habhater.blogspot.com in the video "the real battle of the fates"

The First Game:
Rule # 1 Two people stand facing each other.
Rule # 2 Both must put their feet together
Rule # 3 You are not allowed to touch the other person anywhere on their body except their hands. If you do you lose.
Rule # 4 Start striking each others palms. You lose if you move your feet or make contact with the other person.

The Second Game:
Rule # 1 Grab the other person's hand with index fingers pointing towards the other person.
Rule # 2 You win when you touch the other person with your index finger.

The Third Game: Otherwise known as Indian leg wrestling.
Rule # 1 Two people lie down on their backs opposite each other with their arms linked together.
Rule # 2 Each raises their legs that are next to each other three times and then you interlock the legs.
Rule # 3 Both people pull with their legs until one of them is pulled over. If you are pulled over you lose.

Kirk Perry is the ultimate champ of this game and has never lost. In fact no one has given him a challenge yet.

Authors: all unknown

Game # 16 Spy Vs. Spy

2 Player Game

Rule # 1 First person sends the second person on a mission.
Rule # 2 Second person must complete mission before he can give his own mission to the first person.

An example of a simple mission might be for the person to slip something into someones pocket without them noticing.

Authors: Tim Branscombe, Darren Croswell

Game # 17 How many Fingers am I Touching You with?

Two Player Game

Rule # 1 One person closes their eyes.
Rule # 2 The other person touches the first person with however many fingers they want to.
Rule # 3 With their eyes closed the first person tries to figure out how many fingers they are being touched with.

Author: Tim Branscombe, Aaron Perry

Game # 18 What hair is this?

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: Hair from somewhere.

Rule # 1 One person leaves the room and plucks a hair from their body.
Rule # 2 The return and present the hair on something making it easy to see.
Rule # 3 Using any of the five senses the people in the room have to guess what part of the body that the hair came from.

Authors: Tim Branscombe, Aaron Perry

Game # 19 Find the junk

Two player Game

Item's Needed: Bunk Beds

Rule # 1 One person lies down in each bunk. The person on top lies face down. The person on bottom lies face up.
Rule # 2 The person on top moves to wherever they want and then must remain still.
Rule # 3 The person on bottom kicks the upper bunk trying to find the junk.
Rule # 4 if he finds it he wins if not reset and try again.

Authors: Kevin "Bubbles" Owen, Darren Crowell, Kirk Perry

Game # 20 Find the Junk Aquatic Version

Two Player Game

Items Needed: body of water, Flotation device big enough to lie on that is not see through.

Rule # 1 One person lies face down on flotation device.
Rule # 2 Second person dives under the water.
Rule # 3 Once the second person dives under the person on the flotation device may move themselves around immediately and then must remain still.
Rule # 4 The person under the water when they are ready punches the flotation device.
Rule # 5 If they find the junk they win. If not try again.

Authors: Kirk Perry. Big Balls Bowen's Brother (Bquad), Kevin Bubbles Owen

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Game # 21 What can I throw at your Car at a Red Light?

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: Cars, things to throw.

This game originated at a red light but it also covers all times that vehicles are stopped.

Rule # 1 This game should only be played with other people playing the game.
Rule # 2 While someone's car is stopped throw things at it.

Items thrown: Peanut butter sandwhich, peanut butter cups, sour milk, ovaltine, teriyaki sauce, sloppy joe mix...

Authors: Kirk Perry, Nathan Macarthur, Darren Croswell, Stephanie Neves,Lisa Mendes, Scott Ingalls

Game # 22 What Can I throw at Your Car when it is moving?

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: Cars, things to throw.

Rule # 1 This game is only allowed to be played with other people that are playing the game.
Rule # 2 Throw things at peoples cars while they are moving.

Examples of Items thrown: water bottles, jugs of salsa, taco chips, bread.

Authors: Kirk Perry, Nathan Macarthur, Stephanie Neves, Darren Croswell,Lisa Mendes, Scott Ingalls

Game # 23 Roman Candle Tag

Multiplayer Game

Items needed: goggles, lots of Roman Candles

This game is not recommended for anyone sane. I love it.

Rule # 1 Eye protection must be worn at all times.
Rule # 2 As many as want to play light their Roman Candles and begin firing them at each other.
Rule # 3 You get a point for hitting the other person.

This game is not safe. Most likely you will get hurt. I have a permanent burn mark on my arm from my second game. Play at your own risk.

Authors: Kyal Simpson, Kevin "Bubbles" Owen, Nathan Macarthur, Big Balls Bowen's Brother (BQuad)

Game # 24 Tara's Trivia Triad

Two Player Game

Items Needed: Stop Watch or watch with a second hand.

Rule # 1 One person comes up with three different categories. Categories have to have more then three possible responses.
Rule # 2 When ready the person giving the categories says "3, 2, 1 Go" and then lists his first of three categories. Timer starts timing.
Rule # 3 The receiver must list three things that fit the category. Example: Category was greatest hockey players of all time: answers: Ron Francis, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr.
Rule # 4 You are not allowed to dispute any answers until all three categories have been given and responded to.
Rule # 5 When the final response is given the time stops.
Rule # 6 If any answers are disputed like say "Donatello" was given as a response for name 3 smurfs. A simple majority will win out and the time will be considered void. (the exception to this rule is if you are playing with really stupid people who for example don't believe that people in Norway speak Norwegian. In a case like that the truth simply wins)

Author: Tara Smith

Game # 25 What's Different?

Multiplayer Game

Rule # 1 Choose a volunteer.
Rule # 2 Allow the people in the room to study the way your volunteer looks.
Rule # 3 Have the volunteer leave and change something about their appearance.
Rule # 4 First one to guess what is different wins.

Author: Tim Branscombe

Game # 26 May or May Not Game.

Multiplayer Game

Rule # 1 Just keep making statements using "May or may not" to make your intentions ambiguous.

Examples: I may or may not want to kick you in the face. I may or may not enjoy wearing pink tights. I may or may not call you back. I may or may not choose to destroy your entire life through a series of practical jokes each increasingly worse leaving you destroyed and destitute.

Author: Games origin is unknown but I'm giving credit to Aaron Perry.

Game # 27 Find the Cell Phone.

Multiplayer Game

Items needed: A cell phone, another phone.

Rule # 1 Either hide or lose your cell phone. Either way works. Make sure it is turned on.
Rule # 2 Gather the finders together and tell them the game is about to start.
Rule # 3 Call your cell number and the first one to find it wins.

Author: Kirk Perry

Game # 28 Comparison Game

Multiplayer Game

I particularity like playing this in a car and it is a good way to get to know people.

Rule # 1 Give a person the choice between 2 items.
Rule # 2 They choose which of the two they would prefer.
Rule # 3 It is the perogative of the person who asked to also ask why a certain choice was made.

Examples: Pepsi or Coke. *Answer Pepsi because it does not contain animal urine.
Cyanide or Candy. * Answer Cyanide because both will kill you but cyanide is less tempting to eat.

* answers may vary

Author: Darren Croswell

Game # 29 The Rolling Golf Ball Car Game.

Two Player Game.

Items Needed: Car, Golf Ball

This game works incredibly well in a 1995 Buick Regal.

Rule # 1 Place Golf Ball on the dashboard of the car.
Rule # 2 Swerve the car back and forth until the golf ball rolls towards the passenger side.
Rule # 3 A successful roll is when the golf ball rolls off the dash and through the door handle.
Rule # 4 You only have 10 tries to do this. If you succeed in 10 tries you are allowed to buy yourself a treat. If not "No treat for you"

1995 Buick Regal record 6 out of 10.

Author: Kirk Perry, Tim Branscombe

Friday, February 03, 2006

Game # 30 (I'm not allowed to post the title of this game)

I'm also not allowed to list the rules of this game or tell you anything about it. It was a game I invented one night but Tim tells me I invented it with a bitter heart and therefore am not allowed to release it to the world.

Author: Kirk Perry

Game # 31 Which Door Will Open?

Multiplayer Game

Items Needed: At least 2 elevator doors.

Rule # 1 Push either the up or down arrow to get the elevator to come to your floor.
Rule # 2 Everyone choose the door you think will open first.
Rule # 3 When the door opens all the people who picked correct win.
Rule # 4 All others are to be killed.
Rule # 5 Rule # 4 is never to be enforced.

Author: Kirk Perry

Game # 32 Cell Phone Spin and Stare.

One Player Game

Items Needed: Cell Phone

Rule # 1 This game works best in a public crowded place.
Rule # 2 Spin your cell phone and wait until it stops.
Rule # 3 Which ever way your Ariel is pointing you must stare in that direction for 60 seconds.

Author: Kirk Perry

Game # 33 Catch the Eavesdropper

Multiplayer Game.

Rule # 1 Works best in a crowded public place.
Rule # 2 Basically you get points for every person you catch listening to your conversation.
Rule # 3 Bonus points for making them laugh.
Rule # 4 Even more points if you can get them to interrupt your conversation because they can't help it.

I have accomplished all these. This game is really fun. I made a woman guffaw just by stating loudly that I flush the toilet with my mouth because I am afraid of getting germs on my fingers.

Authors: Kirk Perry, Tim Branscombe, Adam Parker, Scottie Leighton

Game # 34 Time to Put Down the Window

Two to Four Players

Items Needed: Car, Digital Clock

Rule # 1 Set what times on the clock you want to be triggers while you are driving. Pick at least one random time each hour that is worth a lot more points.
Rule # 2 say you set 5 minute intervals as the trigger. At 7:05 on the clock the first person to get their window down wins. Next attempt would be at 7:10. If 7:27 was the special trigger at 7:27, 8:27, 9:27 etc... would be worth bonus points.
Rule # 3 Person with the most points at the end of the trip wins.

Authors: Tim Branscombe, Danny Mack, Kirk Perry

Game # 35 Ball Church Game.

One Player Game

Items Needed: a ball (soccer or soccer like) a church

Rule # 1 Map out a circular course in your church. Most churches will allow you to go down one set of stairs and up a different set.
Rule # 2 Using only your feet kick the ball around your course counting how many kicks you take.
Rule # 3 You may not stop or slow down the ball at any time even when trying to get it back up the stairs.
Rule # 4 Fewest kicks wins.

Central Wesleyan Church course record is seven set by Rev. Kirk Perry

Author: Kirk Perry

Game # 36 Chair Catch.

Multiplayer Game

Items needed: a chair

Rule # 1 Get all willing participants into a circle.
Rule # 2 Randomly start throwing the chair back and forth at people in the circle.
Rule # 3 Catch the chair and throw it again.
Rule # 4 You are eliminated if a) any part of the chair hits the floor
b) Your throw is agreed by everyone to be a bad throw. A bad throw is a throw that is either uncatchable or determined to have been thrown with intent to injure.

Author: Kirk Perry

Game # 37 Fling the Tart.

Two player Game

Items needed: a fork, a tart.

Rule # 1 Place tart on the end of a fork.
Rule # 2 Use whatever you like for a fulcrum and flip the tart into the air.
Rule # 3 Second person attempts to catch the tart in their mouth.

Warning the first time we played this the tart was soft and the fork basically passed through it just splattering the catchee in the face. While this is very funny it is not the essence of the game.

Authors: Scottie Leighton, Tim Branscombe, Kirk Perry, Jeff and Martha Bergen, Candice Green

Game # 38 The Mustard sandwich Game.

Multiplayer Game

Items needed: At least one mustard sandwich.

Rule # 1 Get your whole group into a circle.
Rule # 2 Start playing some music and at the same time begin passing the mustard sandwich around the circle.
Rule # 3 When the music stops the person holding the sandwich must either lick or bite the sandwich.
Rule # 4 Game is over when the sandwich is gone.

Very, very fun game.

Authors: Kirk Perry and Jacob Brooks

Game # 39 Will this Foghorn make you Deaf?

One Player Game

Items needed: An operational foghorn.

Rule # 1 Decide whether or not you think the fog horn will deafen you.
Rule # 2 Stick your head in the fog horn and wait for it to go off.
Rule # 3 See if you were right.

Warning. I do not recommend sticking your head into the foghorn without first putting something in your ears like say your fingers. Even with fingers in, it may still deafen you.

This game is also not recommended for people that have any sense.

Author: Kirk Perry

Game # 40 How far can I Jump in a Hurricane?

One Player Game

Items needed: One Hurricane

Rule # 1 At the height of Hurricane winds jump up in the air and see how much further you are able to jump.
Alternate Methods: Use jackets, blankets, or tarps to trap the air and get more air time.

Authors: Kirk Perry and Tim Branscombe

Banned from this game: Scottie Leighton

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Game # 41 Laura Lookalike Stories.

Multiplayer Game

Rule # 1 Write a story about someone or something that looks like Laura Mitchell and post it on her site. (http://www.lormitch.blogspot.com/)
Rule # 2 Towski can't play.

Emily Bass had a contest recently ranking the best stories and here was the winner:

Ok Emily this is for you. I was watching the Incredible Hulk last night and as I gazed at the huge green mass on my screen I couldn't help but wonder who flicked a booger on to my screen and why is it so huge and green. Rather than clean it off I shut off my TV and went instead into the kitchen where much to my surprise I saw her: Laura. That's right Laura Secord herself was written on the box of chocolates that was before my eyes. I ate one and then proceeded into the bathroom. I opened up the medicine cabinet door and then shut it again. I repeated this process several times until my wrist began to hurt. Where could she be I thought to myself. I've searched high and I've searched low but I can't find her anywhere. Then she was right in front of me. I chased her into the bedroom and on to my bed but Rajah is pretty fast for a cat. I grew tired of chasing her and lay down and went to sleep. Soon after I began to dream. My dream was the story of a beautiful princess named Maura Litchell. She had fallen in love with a handsome prince by the name of Mob Reeks. The story had great detail and a killer soundtrack but in the end Mob boiled Maura and used the broth to create a skin cream that made him millions of dollars. I awoke with a start and gazed into the mirror by my bed. As I stared into the face looking back at me I realized that my morning disheveled look made me look exactly like Laura Mitchell. Why oh why did I get that botox?

Author: Kirk Perry

Banned from the game: Towski

Game # 42 What have I stolen from Your House?

Multiplayer Game

Rule #1 Steal something from someone's house.
Rule #2 Let them know you took something.
Rule #3 Each week you must give another clue as to what the object is.
Rule #4 When the person guesses what the object was it must be returned as soon as is possible.

Very fun game. Worst player ever is Laura Mitchell. She stole 2 objects from me and I guessed what they were within 5 minutes of her leaving my house. So far she also is breaking rule # 4.

Authors: Tim Branscombe and Andy Walker

Banned from the game: Laura Mitchell

Game # 43 Random Visions of TV game.

2 player game

Rule #1 One person randomly flips through TV stations until the other person who is not watching tells them to stop.
Rule #2 The person who said stop then writes down the first thing they see on the screen.
Rule #3 This is repeated 9 times.
Rule #4 After the ninth time the person who has been writing down their observations orders them into a top 9 things I just saw on TV.

This game is incredibly lame and should never be attempted. I played it once and here were the results:

#9 The Beastmaster
#8 Restless Female in Blue
#7 a flower girl
#6 cin´pop channel 136
#5 woman eating soup
#4 talking golden idol
#3 Sensodyne helps the Pain
#2 SUV Road Rage
#1 A man headbutting a woman on a ski slope repeatedly. (it made me titter)

Author: Kirk Perry

Game # 44 No Bull

2 Player Game

Items you need to play: a banjo strap (guitar will do or a belt)

Rule #1 The first person sits down on a chair.
Rule #2 The rider sits on the lap of the first person. (on only one leg)
Rule #3 The rider puts the strap under one leg of the person in the chair and brings it up and holds it in one hand between their own legs.
Rule #4 The rider when they are ready picks their feet up off the floor, raises their other hand in the air (the one not holding the strap) and yells "No Bull"
Rule #5 The person in the chair then tries to buck the rider off. As soon as any part of their body touches the floor they are eliminated.

Current record holder is Chris Horsman at 17 seconds.

Authors: Kirk Perry and Tim Branscombe

Game # 45 The Fun Death Game

Multiplayer Game

Rule #1 People who are not willing to play this game all the time are not allowed to participate.
Rule #2 To kill someone all you have to do is run your finger across their throat.
Rule #3 When you are dead you must play dead for 10 seconds before you recover.

This game is funner than it sounds (I know funner isn't a real word) In large groups this is a crazy game. I personally like moving the bodies around before they are allowed to recover.

Author: Chris Horsman

Game # 46 How Much Will Kirk Pay You For Laura Mitchell's Belongings?

Multiplayer Game

Rule # 1 Steal something from Laura Mitchell.
Rule # 2 Submit it to Kirk with proof it was Laura's.
Rule # 3 Receive money from Kirk. Amount of money will be based on how much the object means to Laura or how much it inconveniences her. For example: a sock 25 cents. All of her hair $100.00.
Rule # 4 Towski can't play.

Author: Kirk Perry

Banned from the game: Towski